Sustainability and quality

The Città del Sole Complex is built using renewable energy to ensure environmental sustainability. The photovoltaic panels, to support and integrate electricity supplied by the distribution company, will reduce consumption. The solar thermal panels, appropriately integrated with other systems, will provide hot water for sanitary use while biofuel boilers will produce hot water for heating through low temperature terminals.

Features of the Città del Sole

• A + energy classification.
• Ecological thermal insulation.
• Central heating with biofuel boilers
and methane, single consumption accounting.
• Underfloor heating.
• Summer air conditioning split system autonomous in the Urban Villas and centralized with consumption tracking in the Tower.
• External aluminum window frames with double paned windows.
• Hardwood living room floors and bedroom floors.
• Wooden doors.
• Wall-hung toilets.
• Centralized satellite dish antenna.
• Digital color video intercom.

Il Complesso

Città del Sole


• Home Theater system, wiring and anti-theft system.
• Home automation system for the management of electrical appliances with remote check-in and control for all devices.
• Programmable thermostat for programmable heating system management.
• Emergency alert.

In short, quality in broad sunlight.

Parking lots

Two floors of underground parking spaces are available to the Città del Sole complex: the first with units and lots reserved for apartment owners, commercial spaces and office buildings. The second, public, for customers of commercial activities, offices and residents' guests.

Living between history and future

While building Città del Sole, important and well preserved archaeological finds have been discovered. A tank from the IV-III century A.C., a paved road from the III-II century A.C., IV-VI sec. A.C. settlements, a chamber tomb from the III-II century A.C., a mithraeum from the I-III sec. A.D. and a fourth century A.D. This discovery enhances the appeal of this ultra modern complex with so much history behind it.